Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Opportunity Lost?

So, nine days ago I was offered an appointment with a local expert on apraxia. This person only sees clients twice a month on the weekend and the appointment was for this coming Sunday. I was so excited to have the opportunity to work with her and to have her meet Ava. I emailed her back immediately and said, "Yes, please!"

And then I waited and waited to hear back from her confirming the appointment. Tonight I went back to re-read that email I sent to her so that I could write her another email gently reminding her that I still needed to confirm that appointment.

And I realized that I accidentally sent my response to her email to my husband instead. I never wrote her back! I immediately re-sent the email to her and added an apology and explanation for the delay and I'm now waiting to hear back from her.

But I'm sure the appointment is long gone by now. I'm so disappointed. An opportunity lost. Hopefully she'll have an appointment available two and a half weeks from now. Hopefully.


  1. Oh, how frustrating for you!

    You asked how my daughter is doing with her speech...
    Meghan is doing VERY well with her speech. It was only a mild case, but at this point she is not showing signs of apraxia (though still struggling once in a while...and some people struggle to understand her, but most moms can understand just about everything...we sometimes struggle with a word here and there, but sometimes a whole day goes by when we figure it all out!)

    I wrote about our journey a lot on the blog, but the most helpful one for you will probably be this post. Enjoy and be encouraged!!

  2. Annette:

    I read that post. Thanks for posting the link. It's good to hear your daughter is doing so well. I'm happy for you, and for her. Has she continued to improve since then? Is she still continuing therapy?

  3. How did you find a local expert in apraxia --- where to look for these resources?


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