Friday, January 28, 2011

IFSP Meeting - Ideals vs. Practical Realities

The IFSP meeting went well overall. Everyone was nice. Everyone was well prepared. In fact, the SLP that evaluated Ava had done some preliminary research for me. She had a specific therapist in mind for Ava. This new therapist (Ms. A.) is a person the evaluator thinks would be perfect for Ava because she has a lot of experience and success working with children with apraxia. The evaluator had called Ms. A. to check if she had any openings in her schedule. She does. One. For an hour, once a week on Friday mornings at 8:30 am.

So, I had to choose. They were perfectly willing to write into our IFSP twice weekly sessions for 30 minutes. But then we couldn't work with Ms. A. Or, we can see Ms. A. for the once a week for an hour session.

In an ideal world I could have my first choice therapist see Ava for my first choice therapy schedule. That's not reality though. I decided to try Ms. A. once a week. We can reconvene another IFSP meeting and change to twice a week for 30 minutes later if this isn't working. I made that decision because I'm an SLP and Ava is willing to work with me on other days. I can learn from someone who is experienced in working with little ones with apraxia and do extra sessions in between.

If I wasn't a speech-pathologist, or if Ava refused to work with me I would have made a different choice. Once a week isn't enough to address apraxia. They need practice more often. But because we're getting therapy elsewhere, and I'm working with her too, this choice makes sense for us now.

So that's how the IFSP meeting went. I'll let you know how the first therapy session goes and what I think of Ms. A. once I meet her.

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