Thursday, January 6, 2011


Well, yesterday’s post must have been cathartic somehow. I managed to do some web browsing last night on the topic that was fairly productive. There’s a lot of good information at the website for both parents and therapists and I spent several hours browsing both sections. It’s a start I suppose. I stayed up way too late and then had trouble falling asleep so I’m glad this morning is a preschool morning for the kids.

I was feeling pretty good about having been productive and managing to avoid the emotional black hole of the mental pathway that begins with the desperate wail….. ”But what about her future!!!” Then my dad called. My parents are wonderful. They live five minutes away and have been taking Michael for one night every weekend since he was about two months old. When Ava was born they started taking turns. One weekend they’ll take Michael and the next they’ll take Ava. My children have the blessing of being extremely close with their grandparents and we have the blessing of getting regular one-on-one time with the kids. Usually communication in my family goes along the lines of my mom as mediator. I’ll talk to my mom and she’ll talk to my dad. Or dad’ll talk to mom and then she’ll talk to me. My dad and I have a great relationship, but I just talk to my mom more often.

Well, yesterday afternoon I called my mom and gave her the good (she qualifies) and bad (she tests like a 6 month old) news. Mom was upset, but supportive. I was upset, but avoided a complete meltdown. Additional details aren’t really necessary. To be honest, I didn’t even really think about whether she’d discuss it with dad overnight.

So his call this morning was a complete surprise. He just called to personally say that we have his complete support. That Ava’s a wonderful girl with a family that loves her and we’ll all travel this path together. The call was relatively brief, completely unexpected, and touching. And now I’m a complete mess again. This experience is such a roller coaster.

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