Tuesday, January 8, 2013

FYI: Scholastic Dollar Deals Are Back

Scholastic has almost 2000 instantly downloadable teacher resource books and children's ebooks on sale for $1 each. The dollar deals expire 1/9/13. Teacher resource books and children's ebooks that work on word families work well for targeting sounds in final position. Phonics readers that address initial consonants work well for targeting sounds in initial position. And now I'm off to build a shopping cart for myself... Enjoy!

Edited to add: Scholastic has apparently changed their Teacher Express store since the last time I visited in an extremely annoying way. Now, instead of being able to preview pages from the books, clicking on the "See More" button simply brings up a bigger picture of the cover. This would be tolerable if their descriptions were more than 1-2 sentences each, but as it is, now I feel like I have hardly enough information to justify even a $1 purchase. I'm having to manually go to Amazon's website, search for the item, and hope there is a preview or comments there before deciding to purchase an item. I am very disappointed in the change and will be buying significantly fewer books as a result. (Thanks for listening to my rant. I feel marginally better.)

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