Thursday, January 24, 2013

Final G Printable Speech Game: Finish First Game Board

Practice /g/ in Final Position

Click on the image to open it to full size and then right click to save it to your computer.

Print the game board and gather a die and a small game piece for each player. Put the game pieces on the start box, decide who will go first, and let that person begin by rolling the die and moving that number of squares on the game board.

You can have the players practice the words in isolation, in pairs, in phrases, or in sentences. You can provide models and cues if necessary. Adapt the stimuli to the level your student needs to work at.

When you're done, review the words for additional simple drill practice. Then send the game board home or to the classroom for extra practice.

If you are a parent practicing at home, save the game board in a binder to play again another time. You could also have your child play with a younger or older sibling or send it to an aunt or grandparent's house for extra practice.

This worksheet was adapted from the medial /f/ version of the game board included in the /f/ Speech Kit that will be available soon in the Testy Shop.



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