Wednesday, December 19, 2012


My husband recently acquired our first "real" camera - a secondhand purchase from a friend upgrading to something better. Now, don't ask me anything about the camera. I just know that it's a lot bigger than my phone and I'm scared to touch it. All right, I know one other thing about it. My husband can take gorgeous pictures with it. Here are a couple of pictures he snapped of the children yesterday. I found these two gems sitting in a folder as I passed by the computer and fell in love with my children all over again. It's always their eyes that capture me.

I also wanted to wish my mother a wonderful birthday. I am simply not eloquent enough with words to properly express how essential she is to our lives. Either directly or indirectly, she plays a part in every single day in our household. I love you, Mama.

To celebrate her birthday, here's a picture of her from...let's just say 50ish years ago. I think Ava looks a lot like her. What do you all think?

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  1. Happy Birthday Mrs Mama. Your daughter and son are beautiful and your daughter does favor your mom a lot. I love your site. I found it just when I thought I was going crazy trying to find out everything I could on Apraxia.


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