Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Speech Card Set Activity: Simple Speech-Math Games

During my RightStart Math lesson with Michael yesterday I was inspired. I love thinking of new activities that combine speech practice with academic skills. It is even better when the activities are simple and quick to prepare and result in "play" that is heavy on productions.

Simple Speech Card Games - Math Versions


Print out 5-10 free or premium illustrated speech cards. Write the numbers 1 through 10 on the cards. Prep time if you already have some cards printed - 10 seconds. If you have cards you want to use that you do not want to write on, use removable stickers or small pieces of post-its. Write the numbers on those and stick them to your cards.

Ways to Play

Use 4 or 5 cards with younger children and 10 cards with older kids.
  1. Up the stairs. (Or down the stairs.) Mix up the cards. The child must put the cards in order practicing the words as he goes. Then, mix them up again and have the child put the cards in descending order.
  2. Find the swap. Once the cards are in order, ask the child to cover his eyes while you switch two cards around. He has to find the swapped cards. Once found, he says the pair of words that were swapped. He can simply practice a phrase (X and Y) or use the words in a sentence (X and Y were swapped).
  3. Who's Hiding? Have the child close his eyes while you turn one card over. When the child opens his eyes ask which number is hiding. When he turns the card back over, he names the picture on that card.
  4. Who's Missing? Have the child close his eyes while you remove a card and shift the others over so there is no gap. When the child opens his eyes, he must identify the missing card. You return the card to him and he practices the word on it.

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