Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Not as planned

Have you ever noticed that some projects just never go as quickly as you anticipated? Then, four hours later, you give up - less than half done - brimming over with irritation at the wasted time.

In my mind's eye, I had an hour-long project in mind. I'd do the project (getting something I needed to get done for the children at school) and then I'd write a nice blog post about how well it went. The project? Making 5 holiday cards for each child to send to a local nursing home.

I had recently gotten an email from Cricut about buying holiday card templates for $0.99. The plan was:
  1. Purchase template instantly online.
  2. Print 10 cards.
  3. Print 10 liners.
  4. Print 10 envelopes.
  5. Assemble cards.
  6. Have children draw picture and write names in cards.
  7. Finish project. Take pictures. Write lovely blog post about project.

  1. Realize the cricut machine is not actually plugged in and spend 45 minutes digging behind desk for unattached cords.
  2. Spend 30 minutes testing a free template before deciding it won't work.
  3. Forget password and spend 15 minutes changing password so that I can log in and buy template.
  4. Spend an hour printing (very nice) cards.
  5. Spend 10 minutes designing liners. Print first one. Realize that the center of the "e" and "a" will have to be glued in to every single card.
  6. Spend a half hour trying to fix that problem. Decide it can't be done and that you don't care if the center of the "e" and "a" are missing on the final cards.
  7. Print two liners and decide to assemble those two cards for some positive reinforcement. The cards look great. Feel slightly better.
  8. Vow that you will finish this project if it takes you until midnight.
  9. Run out of glue.
  10. Quit with only 2/10 cards done and no envelopes done.
  11. Simmer in resentment that you will have to return to this project another day.
  12. Write a slightly whiny and venty blog post about the frustrating experience.

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  1. Would it help to say that you're not alone? Sometimes I feel like my entire day is that way!


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