Thursday, November 29, 2012

Non-Hallmark Milestones Pt. 2

Speaking of non-hallmark milestones, we had another one. Doesn't everyone look forward to the first time their young child almost gets run over by a minivan?

We were leaving speech. I've taught the children to wait until I open the minivan doors (via a button on my key fob) and then walk on the line to their door. This keeps them safe because I don't open their doors until I'm sure the way is clear. Walking the line keeps them close to the car just in case.

Ava completely abandoned both of my safety checks. The children were racing along the sidewalk to see who could get to the van first. The cars were parked perpendicular to the sidewalk. Ava just ran right into the empty parking spot on her side of the van. She didn't walk the line. She didn't wait for me to open the door. And, of course, there was a minivan pulling in to that empty (except for the body of my small child) parking spot.

I screamed, but I would have absolutely been too late. Thankfully, the woman driving the minivan was paying attention. She had stopped to let us across the crosswalk and was apparently watching the children race along the sidewalk to our van. She stopped as soon as Ava ran into the parking spot.

Once my heartbeat slowed and I managed to unwrap my arms from around her body, I had a talk with Ava about object lessons and how they applied to this particular situation. We very clearly reviewed our safety procedures and talked about how they are even more important when the spots next to our car are empty.

I'm ready for a hiatus from the non-hallmark milestones. Really. I am.

Somehow, this story reminds me of another non-hallmark milestone: remember that time my almost-5 year old tried to find out how many marbles could fit in his mouth?

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