Friday, November 9, 2012

Move It! - A Printable Final N Speech Game

The simple vowels speech kit is done except for final edits. Expect to see it in the Testy Shop Monday morning. This kit is a monstrosity. It is 168 pages with a section for each simple vowel. You are provided with a visual / gestural cue for each vowel. There is a discussion of the characteristics of vowels and consonants and why understanding those characteristics is so important to planning speech therapy from a motor-planing perspective. The vast majority of the kit is, as usual, printable resources to use in your therapy sessions. Each vowel has syllable level worksheets, an illustrated card deck, illustrated minimal pairs, homework sheets at three difficulty levels, a story booklet, and a unique game or activity.

Here is a sneak peek of the game I made for the /u/ section modified for Final /n/.

Final /n/ Speech game: Move It!


This game comes with four mini card decks (red, blue, green, and yellow). You only need two decks at a time. Choose two decks and place one deck face down on the table. Give a game card to each child. Distribute the other deck between two children and have them place those cards face up on the game board. Tell the children the first person who helps the movers move the cards into the house wins the game. (If you need to play with four children, print an extra copy of the game board page and then use the extra two card sets with another pair of children. After both pairs of children play, have them switch cards for another game with an entirely new set of words.)


The first child chooses a game card from the table and says the word out loud. They then say all the words on their game board looking for the rhyming word. If they find the rhyming pair they move both cards onto the house. If not, they return the card to the table. Then the other child takes a turn. Play continues in this manner until one child moves all their cards into the house.

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