Saturday, October 20, 2012

Winter is Kicking our A-- and It's Not Even Here

Spring and Summer are wonderful seasons during which our household is healthy the vast majority of the time. It is long enough that I actually somehow manage to forget the series of unending illnesses we fight during the fall and winter. I was taken by surprise last month when first Michael, and then Ava came down with walking pneumonia. It was September and still warm.

I ended up sick enough that I required antibiotics and a heart echo to make sure the cardiac symptoms I was experiencing were related to the cold/virus/sinus infection I was having trouble fighting off and not something more serious. (Heart echo was fine.) I was hoping all of that was a fluke. We had paid our early fall dues and were going to be fine at least until winter actually hits.

Then, in the middle of the week Ava woke up at 4:30 in the morning with clear symptoms of a stomach bug. She had to pick Wednesday. It's my favorite day of the week because my mom picks up the children from school and spends a few hours with them giving me an extraordinary uninterrupted 5 hours of time that I usually use to work on the next speech kit (/k/ is currently about 75% done and on target for a November 1st release date - possibly a smidge sooner.) Given that last winter my mom ended up hospitalized for several days after catching a stomach bug from the children I could hardly blame her for opting out of all contact with the children for a few days.

Enough! I officially declare that this is the last illness that will walk through our door prematurely. (For all the good that official declaration will do me - it just makes me feel slightly better to bluster.)

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