Friday, October 26, 2012

The Weekly Review: Week 83

SLP Resource of the Week

Mel at Classroom Freebies made a free downloadable Snail or Slug game that would be perfect for working on production of /sl/ and /sn/ blends, auditory discrimination, and simple sorting skills.

Ava/Michael Weekly Contrast

Potential spoilers ahead - do not read if you want to watch the new Tinkerbell movie without any hints of what the movie contains.

We watched the new Tinkerbell movie last night. It was a great movie. We all enjoyed it and the children are itching to watch it again today. I enjoyed watching the wonder, joy, and laughter on their faces as much as I enjoyed watching the movie. There were some sections of the movie that were emotionally intense though. I found it interesting that the children responded entirely differently to them.

Michael was in tears when Tinkerbell and Periwinkle were forced to separate against their will and the audience was led to believe they would never see each other again. Ava was relatively calm during that section of the movie. Closer to the end when the fairy dust tree was in danger of being killed by a freeze Ava was sobbing and needed to be held and comforted. That part of the movie had Michael excited and engaged, but certainly not breaking down.

It was fascinating that the children reacted so differently at different parts in the movie. I'm not reading too much into the specifics. I was grateful there was only one child to comfort and reassure at a time.

Weekly Weight Loss

Let's just agree to not discuss the slight backslide caused by our first (delightful) cheat night and monthly hormones, shall we?

Weekly Speech Resource Kit Update

So close. I'm probably working on writing the new table of contents, final editing, and conversion to PDF as you read this. I need to tackle the mechanics of getting it added to the store and writing the details page. But it is close. I should be on schedule for getting the /k/ set available to you all by the beginning of November. I'm particularly pleased with this set. There are a ton of cards, a full printable Speech Switcheroo set for initial /k/, and a new Race to the Top Game I made for the Mixed /k/ section just to name a few highlights.

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