Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Speech Card Set Activity: Initial F - I Have Who Has

I Have, Who Has? is a great game for speech practice. It is a quick-paced, cooperative game that keeps all students engaged, paying attention, and producing target words in a carrier phrase all at the same time.


Print this I Have, Who Has? card deck.
If you need another target sound, make one of your own using one of my card sets (free, premium) printed two sheets to a page (to make them smaller). Then cut out the pictures of your choice and glue them onto handwritten I have, who has cards made from construction paper or cardstock.

How to play.

Distribute the cards as evenly as possible to the students. If you're doing individual therapy, divide them between yourself and the student and your productions will serve as models. The person who has the start card begins and asks, "Who has fan?" The person with the other fan card will say, "I have fan, who has phone?" Play continues in this manner until the group reaches the end. To make things easier, have the children turn over each card as it is "played". This will reduce the number of cards left that they have to keep track of.


  • It is a fun, engaging cooperative game.
  • Each child practices saying two target words per turn in a carrier phrase.
  • It is a good game for practicing attention skills.
  • It has great re-play value.

Word List

  • fan
  • phone
  • fun
  • food
  • foot
  • foam
  • fight
  • feed
  • fin
  • five
  • feet
  • fetch
  • fuss
  • full


  1. Thanks this will be great for my child who is working on I (not me) and f initial sounds. Had you thought of doing a template with just the words on it which would be easy to stick the pictures onto, if you did it in landscape it would have more room to fit the pictures onto. I will use this and the number door idea for another child who is struggling to learn the numbers for 10 - 20.I have recomended your site to some of my friends and one has already found things she also likes. Margaret Hunt Speech-Language Therapist New Zealand

  2. I have now made a template and done an animal theme on them, such a good idea and I will use it for other sounds too so thanks very much. Would you like a copy of the blank template?
    Margaret Hunt

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