Thursday, October 18, 2012

Speech and Language Roundup: List 1

Occasionally I come across activities on the web that I think would be great in a speech and language room, but they really aren't full-post material. Whenever I put together five such resources I'll share them with you in a "roundup".

  1. I found a post that has a great worksheet on homophones. Each pair of homophones is illustrated and used in a sentence example. The worksheet has 20 pairs of homophones. The full post gives some additional homophone resources.

  2. This youtube video has a series of adorable, catchy songs - one for each letter of the alphabet. Find the sound you're working on and show the video to the kids for a musical video introduction to your speech sound.

  3. Susie Q at Learning with Susie Q has an I Have...Who Has? free printable game for irregular plural nouns that is exceptional. The full (free) game has 23 irregular plural nouns.

  4. Smile Play Learn has a very sweet graphic/Simon Says activity based on the book Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes. The book has an engaging story with exquisite black and white illustrations. This activity is perfect if you're working on action words with a language group. The post also has an art activity for making a soft kitty.

  5. Digitprop has a set of super cute downloadable .pdf files. Cut them out, fold and tape and you end up with 3-D letters. They would look nice on a desk or bulletin board, or simply as an activity to get kids excited about their target sound.

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