Sunday, September 9, 2012

Salt Art Revisited - Briefly

A little less than a year ago I did a post on an art project using salt, glue, and liquid watercolors that I did with the children. Great fun was had all around and the end results were rather pretty.

I needed some quick activity to occupy the children because, quite honestly, they were driving me a little crazy so I whipped out some salt, glue, liquid watercolors, and eyedroppers. This time I grabbed some cardboard I'd saved from all the pencil bags I bought for the busy bags. The kids had a blast. The end results were rather striking on a black background. I also used kosher salt this time. The coarser salt looked nice too. The children were trying for much more sophisticated drawings too.

Michael's giraffe and tree and lake with fish in it were my favorites of his.

Ava experimented with color and then created a piece she called the "penny trail".

Of course, this kind of art is the take a picture of it and then throw it away type, because even with the glue under the salt, once the pictures were vertical, colored salt and glue went everywhere. Still, fun was had by the littles and mama retained her sanity so all was good.

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