Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Find It: A Speech Articulation Game

My daughter absolutely loved playing this Find It speech articulation game.

3-5 cups that aren't transparent (you're going to be hiding something underneath)
a simple sticker chart
articulation pictures (a mini-sized initial /f/ set can be found at the end of this post)
something to hide under the cups (I used a smiley face clip.)

Set up:
Put a piece of tape on the top of each picture and tape a picture to the top of each upside-down up. Hide object (in my case, "Mr. Smiley") under a cup. Have stickers, sticker chart, and extra pictures handy.

Every time you find the hidden object, you get a sticker on the chart. If you fill the chart you'll get a prize. The child must say the word (x1, x3, in phrase, or in sentence) in order to get you to lift the cup and check underneath. Whenever they find the object, remove the picture and replace it with one in your reserve. Ask the child to hide their eyes while you move the hidden object to a new cup. That's it. In 15 minutes you can easily get 1-10 productions of each of your target words and the student(s) will be enraptured the entire time. If you're playing with a group, simply have a sticker chart for each child and let them take turns guessing.


  1. I like this simple game! I'm going to use Fun-Tac
    to attach my pictures and use it with my preschool students.

    Kentucky Speech Girl

  2. love it! will be a great project to do with my daughter to augment what she gets in therapy. Thanks!


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