Thursday, May 31, 2012

Would This Type of Word List Resource Be Useful?

I've done lots of picture therapy cards, but not all words are easily pictured. Sometimes you just want a long list of words that suits your needs. I was playing around with making a single page word list resource that sorts one-syllable words by syllable shape. This is what I was thinking of:

Would something like this be useful? Should I make more? Any feedback or ideas? This is just a work in progress, but I wanted to get some feedback before spending more time on the project.


  1. I think they would be very useful. For me, it always seemed more work to find appropriate words than to google for pictures. We personally don't need them anymore (son passed speech test with flying colors last Tuesday), but I would be missing the CVCC type (fast, feast, fond...), because I would definitely do those before the "r" ones.

    1. Almost as soon as I hit post I realized I was missing the CVCC words. I'm working on a version 2 that is more comprehensive. Thanks for the suggestions.

      Congratulations, btw, on your son's great speech test!

  2. Very useful. I'm not a SLP but I have a child with apraxia and want to do quality home therapy with him. This would be very helpful to me. I am working on putting a summer binder together and taking it with me when we see Dr. Edy Strand in July so that she can give me some home therapy ideas. We have been visiting her for 3 years and both of us are totally frustrated with his school therapy (playing games and not getting enough targets in) and agree that he could do better with home therapy. Thank you for doing this!

  3. I think they would be very useful! It's nice to have a list of words for students to repeat for drill type activities. Especially since you broke them down by syllable shape.

  4. This would be incredibly useful. I have my own hand-written lists but yours look so much easier to read. I created my lists to help chose the targets for my next apraxia- practice app (a follow up to SpeechStickers). I included CV, VC, reduplicated CVCVs (e,g, mama, dada), and non-reduplicated CVCV (e.g. mommy, money)and CVCs. I also broke down the CVCs to separate lists for those with the same consonants (e.g. peep, pop, bib, bob) and those with 2 consonants (e.g. pen, pit, pet, nit, bad). Perhaps that's too specific for some people but I work with non-verbal,& severe CAS kids and we need to work in tiny increments!

  5. Yes Please!!!! I would love to have this list. I have a little boy at home and am always looking for some quality and fresh home therapy ideas. Having a list of words at the ready is perfect for me.

  6. Love it!!! so useful!

  7. Ok. Seems like people like word lists, not just picture sets. I'll see what I can do. I'm working on a more comprehensive version 2 of this initial /f/ set. If people like it, I'll try to make up a few more. Any specific sounds you'd rather see sooner than later? Now's your chance to make a suggestion. I haven't picked out my follow up to initial /f/ yet.


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