Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Speech Card Set Activity: Old Maid - Speech Articulation Version

The kids love Speech Switcheroo. They enjoyed Speech Fours. Next I decided to try to adapt the classic Old Maid card game (follow the link if you don't know the rules).

This is the first card game I've tried with the kids where you really do need to keep your cards hidden from the other players. At three and four, that is a little too difficult for them to manage without assistance. I used an idea I found for using a recycled egg carton for a simple homemade hands-free card holder. I used a carton for 18 eggs which was perfect because once cut in half it let each child have a set of 9 cards at once which was just enough. Other ideas for homemade hands-free card holders are using a pool noodle, using two CDs, and using an old shoe box.

I just printed two sets of some of my free articulation cards and an Old Maid card to add to the deck (get Old Maid cards below). That gives you a set of articulation cards with the Old Maid card necessary to play Old Maid with your kids.

To be honest, the game didn't work well for us. The children were distracted using the card holders for the first time. Also, Ava (at only three years old) didn't really get the concept of taking someone else's cards as part of the game play. She pitched a mini-fit every time someone pulled a card from her hand. Old Maid would probably work better with slightly older children.

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  1. Great ideas!
    Thank you for sharing. I would definitely use it!

  2. Nice idea, maybe you can do a battle ship type game using the egg cartons.

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