Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Small anecdote

We were getting Michael (age 4 years, 5 months) ready for bed a couple of nights ago and completely out of the blue he initiates the following conversation:

Michael: 3 sevens is 20.
Us: No sweetheart, 3 sevens is 21.
Michael: But I counted and three sevens is 20.
Us: No baby, we promise - 3 sevens is 21.
Michael: (slight pause) ...then, two sevens and a six is 20.
Us: Stunned silence.


  1. Whoa. No argument there! What a smart little boy--buy you already knew that. =)

    1. Thanks Lauren! We, of course, like to think he's brilliant. But then I remind myself that all parents think their children are brilliant. :-) I know for sure that he's loved though.


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