Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Secret Playroom

We have a wooden playset/swingset in our backyard. We got it from Sams a couple of years ago and assembled the thing ourselves. It's pretty nice and the children are growing into it. I try to change it a little each year to freshen up interest in it.

The first year we didn't install the rock climbing wall because the children were just too little. Michael was only two and Ava had just turned one. That was the year they could climb up the ladders, but not back down and were also too afraid to slide down the slide. So they would climb all the way up to the third level and then start screaming for help. That was tons of fun.

The second year we installed the rock climbing wall and switched one of the infant swings to a "big boy" swing. They love the rock climbing wall. They still pretty much ignore the "big kid" swing. Well, Ava will tummy swing on it but that's about it.

The lowest level of the playset has a steering wheel and needs to be passed through to get to the second level which features the slide. The third level was rarely used, because nothing was up there. I decided to try to turn it into some kind of secret hideout this year by covering the sides with canvas.

We bought a $10 canvas dropcloth from a home improvement store. We cut panels just a little larger than each side of the playset and stapled it in place. The project didn't take more than 90 minutes or so. Then I used sharpies to decorate it. The children decided to call it "The Secret Playroom". Suddenly the top floor of the playset is a pretty cool place to be.

I also thought it was pretty funny when Ava liberated the telescope to play pirate in the yard. And isn't she just an example of high fashion?

Welcome to April everyone.

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