Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project Round-Up

Without further ado, here are several random projects from this week.

Project 1 - Word Wheel

I was getting ready for a reading lesson (the one homeschooling curriculum I have not reviewed yet, but intend to get to soon) and was inspired to make a word wheel. Our lesson called for reviewing 12 different word endings and I didn't want to make 12 different spinners, so I modified her design a little and came up with this. Six additional word endings are hidden under the smaller paper plate, but are revealed as you spin. You can practice by matching each of the 12 word endings with a single initial consonant or by sliding all 6 initial consonants by the same word ending.

Project 2 - Glass Gem Suncatchers

The children wanted to "do art" with some decorative glass gems I had around for playing on the light boxes. I remembered a project I saw at Play At Home Mom. I set the kids up with inexpensive frames on their light boxes. I slapped Mod Podge all over the outer surface of the glass and let the children stick glass gems to it. After they were dry we hung them in the windows. They are quite pretty.

Project 3 - Pattern Strips

The RightStart Math kit came with some great colored square tiles. The kids were having a blast playing with them. We used them as pattern blocks to make houses and other designs. We made patterns. We built towers. We made paths for squinkies to walk on. The kids were having so much fun playing with them I decided to make some pattern strips to add to the mix.

I spent about 90 minutes during nap one day making pattern strips. I couldn't wait to show the kids. They played with the strips for about 90 seconds before deciding they were quite boring. Guess every project can't be a win. :-)


  1. Thanks for all these GREAT ideas. I can use all of these in my Pre-k classroom. The kids are going to love these new manips in the literacy and math centers.

    1. So glad you like the ideas! It's always fun to find simple homemade projects to use with preschoolers.

  2. Just wondering if the mod podge will melt in the sun/heat? - lovely! :)


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