Saturday, April 14, 2012

It started so well...

I was solo parenting the other night and decided that a super long bath would be a great way to finish off the evening. I set the kids up in the tub with some bath paints (mix shaving cream with liquid tempera paints). They were excited. The paints looked great. I left the room and sat in the armchair in Michael's room eavesdropping while simultaneously relaxing.

Over the next 50 minutes I listened to them happily playing together. I heard them decide to paint families (the discussion about how big a mama should be was particularly funny). They shared paint with each other. They erased and started over. Conversation never ceased. It was lovely. I could hear them showing off their art to each other.

Then Ava called, "Mama, mama! Come see what we did." I knew I had been lucky to get 50 minutes and it was time to put them to bed anyway, so I headed to the bathroom expecting to see two adorable pictures of families on the tub walls. After all, that was what they had been discussing the entire time.

I was a bit surprised to find this:

They were terribly proud of it though. And it gave us the opportunity to review that when all colors are mixed they make brown. It really only took a couple of minutes with a shower to clean everyone up and move on with the night. It certainly wasn't two adorable family self-portraits though.

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