Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY Day: Homemade Bath Paints and Cardstock Mini-Shelf

Yesterday was a day of spontaneous do-it-yourself projects around here. As an afternoon project we tried making a cardstock mini-shelf per the tutorial on the Family Fun website.

Ava chose the pieces of cardstock she wanted to use and the configuration (a flower). I did all the cutting and gluing. She helped me tape the tubes together. She seemed delighted at the finished product and loved putting it up in her room.


I also made some homemade bath paints using small squeeze bottles I keep around for various projects (colored glue, colored water on the light box, colored vinegar on the light box). I filled each bottle about 2/3 with liquid hand soap and added food coloring. Then I tossed in a tsp. or so of cornstarch and mixed it all up. Voila! Bath paints. The kids had so much fun with them.

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