Monday, March 19, 2012

Wading and Water Play

Last week the weather around here was gorgeous. Temperatures were in the high 70s and it was sunny. We have a park about a three minute drive from our house that has a creek running through it and I decided this year was the right year to scramble down the hill and let the children play in the creek.

We went to the store and bought a wide variety of inexpensive toys that would make for fun play in a creek. Off the top of my head that meant buckets, watering cans, small shovels and rakes, colanders, turkey basters, big kitchen stirring spoons, a small plastic dump truck, etc. I also picked up a small laundry basket to dump all the wet toys into at the end of play to stick in the back of the minivan. And of course, there was the first pair of rain boots/wading boots my children have owned. Boy were they excited about the boots.

Ava was tentative. After briefly testing the water at a depth of about one inch she decided to stick to the shore. Before letting Michael go, I explained that he should only go in until the water reached to about two inches below the top of his boots. I got his attention. I looked him in the eye. I pointed to the two inch from the top spot on his boots. Then I set him free. He loved it. He went further and further in. I just let him. When he had reached the point at which I could see the water pouring into the tops of his boots I inquired, from my sunny spot on the bank of the creek, "Sweetheart, do you notice anything about your boots?" He looked towards me is puzzlement and replied, "Huh?" So I told him, "Nevermind," and just let him go.

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