Monday, March 12, 2012

Initial L Minimal Pairs: Free Speech Therapy Articulation Picture Cards


This articulation card set is designed to be an extension of my single-syllable cards sets. The words are all CVC in syllable shape and include no blends or vocalic /r/ sounds. This is a set of minimal pairs focusing on contrasting the initial /l/ sound with four other initial consonants. Each different CVC /l/ word features a different vowel to maximize coarticulation variation. The target audience for these cards are children with severe speech delays who need exposure to a minimal pair technique to emphasize that they need to differentiate production of two different words. (Scroll down to preview set.)

Key Features

  • This set includes 15 therapy cards. Three CVC /l/ words are contrasted with four other minimal pairs.
  • The words are all CVC in syllable shape.
  • The words are simple and are easily understood by or easily taught to young children.


I give permission to copy, print, or distribute this card set provided that:
  1. Each copy makes clear that I am the document's author.
  2. No copies are altered without my express consent.
  3. No one makes a profit from these copies.
  4. Electronic copies contain a live link back to my original and print copies not for merely personal use contain the URL of my original.

Looking for Feedback

I would love to hear back from anyone who uses this card set. Let me know if you find errors or there is anything you would change. Comment on this page, or send me an email at testyyettrying(at)gmail(dot)com.

Where can I find more?

More sets are on my Free Speech Therapy Articulation Cards page.

Card Sets

To download click on the image to open it full size. Then right click on the image, choose "save as" and save the page to your computer.

I recommend you print on cardstock and laminate for durability.

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  1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the time you have taken to create these high-quality cards and games!


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