Friday, February 10, 2012

The Weekly Review: Week 47

Blog Post of the Week

I enjoyed Swistle's idea about spite charity. I love the way her mind works.

Weekly Pleasant Surprise

An old friend that I had lost touch with years ago sent me an email. Since then we have exchanged several more. It has been lovely catching up. It makes me sad that we are now living several states apart.

Ava this Week

Ava adapted to her cast amazingly quickly. She's capable of at least 85-90% of her usual activities with her right hand out of commission. Every so often, she'll want a little assistance though. She'll run up to me and ask for help, and then casually add on to the end of the request, "because I have a cast, you know." I love the way she continues to inform me as if I could possibly be unaware of the fact.

Weekly Michael

When Ava wants a snuggle, she'll come over to me and plop herself down in my lap. When Michael wants a snuggle he'll ask to be tickled. It's adorable. He'll come over and plop himself down in front of me demanding, "Tickle me Mama!" If he feels my initial tickle was too cursory he'll request, "Tickle me some more Mama." He also uses this as a delaying tactic after all the stories have been read and it is time to climb into bed.

Weekly Procrastination

Hmm... Ava's birthday is in less than three weeks. I should probably plan a party, order a cake, and think about a couple of presents.

Ava's Weekly Home Therapy Focus

This week we've dialed way back. We're taking a break from /k/. Ava's done so well with initial /s/ and /sh/ that we're taking a break in the initial position and just pushing those in final position. We're continuing to work on /l/. We're also testing the waters with s-blends. Specifically we're doing some /sn/ words.

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