Sunday, December 11, 2011

Passing the Blanket

We've been cleaning the basement a little. We moved into our house when I was in the third trimester with Michael. I wasn't doing a lot of unnecessary unpacking then. Then we had our first baby followed 15 months later by our second baby. Now that things are settling a bit we're diving into some boxes and bins that have been pretty much untouched for over four years.

I opened a bin yesterday and found my old blanket. It was the one I used as a very young girl. My mother had made it for me. It is nothing special to look at, but it is special to me and I still have it decades later. As I was holding it, Michael walked by.

Now, Michael has a special blanket he sleeps with every night. He calls it his hugging blanket. It stays in his room, but he wants it at naptime and bedtime, so he is familiar with the concept of a special blanket.

I showed my old blanket to Michael and told him that it was my hugging blanket when I was a little girl. I explained that his grandmother had made it for me and that it was special. I was about to put it back away when he asked me if he could have it for his room. He said he wanted it so that it could be friends with his hugging blanket. I thought to myself, why not?

As he proudly carried it up the stairs to his room he ran into his sister. I heard him say, "Look Ava! This is mommy's hugging blanket from when she was a little girl. She gave it to me. It is very special."

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