Friday, November 4, 2011

The Weekly Review: Week 33

Website of the Week:

I browse the web looking for activity ideas a lot. I have about 30 open tabs in my browser at any given time. Often I have two copies of my web browser open with 30 tabs each. Consequently, the computer runs soooooo slowly and will occasionally pop up a message about how I'd better close the browser immediately because the computer is out of memory. Then I panic because I might lose all the tabs. "Oh, no! So many great ideas would disappear forever."

Then I discovered It is like a virtual bulletin board. Members create boards around categories and they "pin" up pictures with links to the original websites and their comments. Pinterest has a whole category just for ideas other people have "pinned" with ideas for kids. The content is so deep. I could literally spend hours there.

I don't have a pinterest account myself. I desperately wanted one. Organization at my fingertips. Visual reminders of all the cool ideas. I was practically drooling. I requested an invite. I waited impatiently for several days and then I got one. Then I hit a stumbling block. In order to sign up, you -must- sign up through facebook or twitter. That was a big stumbling block for me. I don't want everything I "pin" automatically posted to my facebook account. I don't want pinterest to have access to my friends. It just made me nervous. So I didn't sign up. But I still think about it longingly.

Even if you don't want to sign up though, you should just check it out. It is gorgeous. And so many ideas in one place..... And they're already vetted by other people interested in the same topics.

The Weekly Obsession

If you're a regular reader of the blog, you've probably noticed that I've been on a huge activities-with-the-light-box kick (here, here, here, here). I sincerely apologize if I'm boring you to death. It's kind of the way I work. I get super excited about something and I do it a lot (remember the busy books?) until I get excited about something new and move on for a while. Stick with me and I'll get back to SLP, Apraxia, and other familiar topics soon enough. The kids are finally old enough that we are beginning to do regular "special projects" and it is wonderful. I expect that toddler/preschool activities will continued to be featured heavily for a while.

The Weekly Procrastination

As a certified SLP, I have to get a certain number of continuing education credits to maintain certification. There is no way for me to temporarily suspend certification while I am staying at home, so annual dues and continuing education credits are a must.

Our national organization requires 30 hours of continuing education every three years, or an average of 10 per year. Missouri requires 30 hours every two years. Sometimes the due date for national and state fall on the same year, sometimes not. I have decided that I just need to get 15 annually from now on and I'll always be current. (This is to avoid last year's debacle where I needed to get 30 hours in one month because having two under two pretty much killed all thoughts of continuing ed for 2-3 years).

I joined a pretty nice website ( that has unlimited access to a nice library of courses for $99/year. I set a reminder in my iPhone calendar to let me know when I had only a month left to my membership. This week it let me know that the time has come. So now I need 13 more hours in the next three weeks.

Instead of hopping right on that, I did lots of light box activities with my children instead. I did mention that I occasionally (umm... often) procrastinate, right?

The Weekly Accomplishment

I sailed right through my husband's first extended business trip post kids. That felt nice. It was a shame that his homecoming consisted of us both realizing we had gotten sick while apart.

Ava this Week

Ava is learning the power of being dramatic and is attempting to determine how much she can use drama to manipulate those around her. Many times this week a scenario went this way:

  1. Michael is playing with a toy.
  2. Ava decides she would like the toy and attempts to grab it.
  3. Michael, understandably resists.
  4. Ava bursts into heartrending sobs and plaintively wails, "I want the ______."
  5. Now, all of us are wise to the ploy (especially Michael) and so this gets her nowhere except possibly sent to her room until she calms down.
  6. Therefore, hopefully, the behavior won't last long. In the meantime, it is definitely pitiful.

The Weekly Michael

When my husband told Michael that he'd be gone for a few days, Michael burst into tears. He was genuinely upset that his Daddy would be away. The next day, he asked his grandmother to help him make a "card" (a tiny yellow post-it, actually) to give to his Daddy when he came home and dictated the contents of the card. He brought it home and put it up on the refrigerator with a magnet. He couldn't keep it a surprise though. He told his Daddy all about the card that night on the phone. It was adorable.


  1. I found Pinterest about a month ago. It is amazing. You don't have to share everything on facebook or twitter it gives you the option if you would like to share it, then you can. Re the access to friends, it basically just tells you and your friends if you are on pinterest. Example is if you and I are facebook friends, when you join pin, it will tell you that I have boards you can follow and it and it will tell me if you start following me. You can not control who "follows" you and your "pins" are open to anyone looking at Pinterest on the main board but only those that are "invited" can look at your board specifically.

    I've stared an apraxia board so I can keep great resources in one place instead of bookmarked.

    Oh and hours does not even begin to describe how long you can look at thing, lol!

  2. I love Pinterest too. I was always "bookmark this" but then I could never remember what I had bookmarked and in what folder etc. Pinterest gives me "visual support" (how's that for SLP jargon) to keep me organized. Look for my boards under my name: Carol Fast

  3. Well, you guys convinced me to try it. I signed up and instantly turned off all connections to facebook so that I wouldn't flood everyone with my pinterest adventures and that part worked well.

    However, in the 30 seconds I was connected, they figured out everyone on my friends list who was already using pinterest and automatically signed me up to follow them. Then, some of them responded by following me. I'm not sure I love the automatic, no-choice sharing. (No offense to those specific people, I just like to -choose- to share rather than have it happen automatically before I even learn my way around a new program/service.)

    It also automatically pulled my profile picture and name from facebook. I can control who sees those things on facebook, but I can't seem to control who sees them on pinterest, so I'm not fond of that either.

    However, pinterest itself is wonderful and I'm using it already. (The automatic privacy invasions are done and I can't change them now, so I might as well enjoy the service.)

    And that is my rather long-winded update on my pinterest love/hate relationship.

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