Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sunny Articulation Test App - One Day Sale

I have been keeping an eye on an articulation test for the iPhone/iPad called the Sunny Articulation Test. I wasn't willing to buy it at the usual price of $49.99, but today (10/9/2011) it is on sale for $21.99.

It is a qualitative test, not a normative test, so it will not tell you how your child/student/client compares to other children his/her age. However, it will test all phonemes in multiple positions of words. It allows you to easily record productions of each test item so that you can go back later and listen again. It has a screening mode and a full test mode. The screening mode has fewer words and you simply indicate right or wrong for each target phoneme. The full test mode has more words and you enter the type of error for each incorrect phoneme. The test automatically calculates errors and does some simple analyses (how many voiced sounds were incorrect, how many voiceless sounds were incorrect, how many plosives, etc.). You can also automatically generate and email a simple report.

I will do a more complete review once I have had an opportunity to actually use the program, but I wanted to let you know about the sale in case you've been looking for an articulation test for the iPhone/iPad.


  1. Have you checked out the Pulse Smart Pen series? Although much more expensive than the Sunny, you can use it with any test. In a nutshell, it is a pen with a built-in video camera at the pen tip and audio recorder at the pen top so it records both what you write and what is being said while you write. After, you can touch the pen to any place/word on the page and you will hear what was being said at that time. I use it for every language sample now and also while giving some tests like the CELF or PLS subtests that require me to write the child's response. I use it with the Goldman-Fristoe and write the child's productions in a column and then I can compare their production of GFTA words over time. It is really cool!

  2. Interesting idea cmf-slp. Tell me what you do with the protocols, since the pen needs that paper, do you write on the paper and attach it to the protocol? I've been interested in the pens for awhile but can't figure out how it would work--logistially--while testing.

  3. I've never actually heard of the Pulse Smart Pen series. When I begin to practice again I'll definitely check it out. I used to be on a diagnostic team and do nothing but assessments. Something like this would have been really helpful because you wouldn't have to review an entire recording to just listen to that one test item response again. How long have you been using it?


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