Thursday, October 27, 2011

Salt Art

These turned out beautifully.

  1. First you take watercolor paper and let the children drizzle glue all over the paper.

  2. Then you have them sprinkle salt over the glue until the glue is completely covered with salt.
  3. Count to 20 or sing the ABC song to let the glue set a bit and then shake off excess salt.
  4. We let ours dry for a couple of days but I've read that you can just go ahead and move to the next step immediately if you like.
  5. Put liquid watercolors in an ice cube tray. We have red, yellow, and blue. We used those to also make orange, green, and purple. (You could also use water colored with food coloring.) Put one eyedropper in each spot.
  6. Let the children drop the watercolors onto the salt trails using the eyedroppers. The salt trails will wick away the paint. They loved this and it really encourages fine motor control because it works best if they only dispense one drop at a time.
  7. Admire end result and place somewhere to dry.
  8. [Optional]When children want to continue using eyedroppers and watercolors provide additional paper and show them how they can use the eyedroppers as tools to make lines from the drops of paint.

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