Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy Book - Chalkboard 2-Page Spread

Busy Book / Quiet Book Chalkboard

This 2-page spread is my favorite so far. On the right is a chalkboard. On the left is two pockets. One contains an eraser I made out of three layers of felt and the other contains a piece of chalk. There are also drawing ideas on the left. There are nine different simple shapes and drawings made of combinations of simple shapes for the children to copy.


  1. What is the chalkboard made of?

  2. You can find "chalkboard fabric" in the specialty cloth section of fabric stores. I found mind at Joann Fabrics. Then I was able to just sew it in place with my machine like any other fabric.

  3. Finally i got the website of windows shortcut keys which helps user to avoid mouse and touch pad.


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