Friday, September 30, 2011

The Weekly Review: Week 28

The weekly review will look a little different this week just because I feel like changing things up a little. This time you get what comes floating off the top of my head. :-)

The Weekly Annoyance:

Facebook changed everything around again and I'm not particularly fond of this newest version.

The Weekly Indulgence:

I'm watching fall television pilots over the internet. I very rarely have the time to watch tv anymore, but prior to having children I loved checking out all the new shows each fall. Now we don't even subscribe to television. I do have a hulu plus account and lots of the networks make their newest shows available on their website and so I have spent way too much time this week checking out some new shows that I enjoyed and several I thought were pretty awful. Still, I had fun and isn't that what's really important for leisure time?

The Weekly Admission:

Someone, who shall remain nameless, had their school pictures come in this week. I admit it. I snickered. If you could just see the facial expression involved you'd snicker too. How can it be so cute, and yet so funny at the same time?

Weekly Coolest Toy Ever:

We found Michael's birthday present. It is two months early, but I stumbled upon it on Amazon and it was just so perfect. Apparently Lego has a whole separate educational line. Who knew? I certainly didn't. In that line they have a Duplo set called tech machines. This is a set designed around the concepts of air, land, water, and space. The set comes with lesson plans for a teacher. The thing that is unique about it is that there are screws built into the duplo blocks. So when you assemble the vehicles, you lock each piece together so that they can actually be played with without falling apart. I think Michael is going to love it. It's a shame I have to hide it for the next two months.

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