Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It Was An Innocent Idea - Honest

I decided to recreate the success of the shaving cream in the water table day. Except this time I thought it would be fun to bring the water table up to the increasingly complete deck. I just thought the kids would enjoy the change of scenery and I knew I would love to sit on my swing while watching them instead of perched in a lawn chair in the yard down below batting away gnats. Also, for another change of pace, I decided to try cool whip (or some generic brand that was cheaper) instead of shaving cream.

First, let me say that the children did have a wonderful time. From their perspective, an hour flew by in absolute bliss as they flung first cool whip, and then water all over most of the deck. However... I don't think I completely understood how difficult it would be to remove cool whip from the wood after it had been sitting there a while. I innocently assumed that it would spray away easily with the hose. It took a bit more effort than that. Let's just say that my husband wasn't delighted with the experiment when he heard about it that evening.

As much fun as the children had with the activity, I found it interesting that they were much less bold without a friend over to model playing in it with her hands. They mostly used spoons and other various kitchen implements to play in the cool whip. They also ran over to the hose to rinse their hands and bodies off frequently. Baby steps I suppose. I need to invite friends over for these sensory activities more often.

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