Friday, August 19, 2011

The Weekly Review: Week 23

Due to illness and fatigue (mine) I am going to do an abbreviated version of the Weekly Review.

It has been an eventful, but good week. Michael started preschool. We got Ava's OT evaluation results. We had two additional guests in the house for four days (dog-sitting). We finished up the kittens' week long run of antibiotics. All of those things went better than expected and I would be pretty happy about it if I weren't fighting a nasty cold.

Next week should be wonderful. We have relatives coming in from New Orleans for the week. My cousin (Ava's godfather) will be staying with us while my mom's sisters will be staying five minutes away with my parents. One of my mom's sisters is my godmother while the other is Ava's godmother. I am very much looking forward to their annual visit. I am also going to enjoy watching the children getting to know some more of the people who are so important to me.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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