Friday, June 3, 2011

The Weekly Review: Week Twelve

Blog Posts - New Babies

Congratulations to Amalah on welcoming Ike to her family. He's adorable. Problem Girl got to be present at the birth of her friend's baby Olive and did an amazing job with the pictures.

Weekly Blog Post that made me want to cook:

I have a friend who writes a very successful food blog called the Cupcake Project. She's been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, People Magazine and the New York Times among other publications. She did a slightly off topic post this week on Roasted Onions Filled with Savory Bread Pudding that actually made me want to cook. They just looked and sounded very yummy.

Sibling Moments of the Week:

Michael did something we praised him for. I honestly don't remember what it was (terrible I know). What I do remember, clearly, is how Ava said, "Yea! Good job!" and clapped her hands for him. She wanted to praise him too. I loved it.

In the car: Michael asked me to hand him a car he wanted. Ava had it in her carseat, but she wasn't playing with it. As I was driving, I couldn't get it for him and I told him so. He paused for a minute and then said, "Ava, can you give the car to me please?" She said, "Sure Michael!" and handed him the car. Simple, and yet sweet.

Michael and Ava's Cuteness of the Week:

At naptime, I put the children down for their nap by myself. We read stories in Michael's room with both children in my lap and then Ava and I tell Michael goodnight and head off to her room for one last song. Recently, the children have made a game of kissing my nose. I've been encouraging it because it is such a great oral motor activity (and it is sweet!). You have to do a pretty good job of pursing your lips to kiss the tip of a nose. I say, "Don't kiss my nose!" and hide it behind my hand. They giggle and pull my hand away before giving my nose a kiss. They take turns. Then I pretend to wipe the kisses away and we start all over again. It is fun, and sweet, and they would be willing to to it indefinitely as far as I can tell. I eventually have to call a halt or they'd never get down for nap. It's a game we all enjoy.

Family News Bulletin of the Week:

We just found out that my husband's parents are going to come visit next week. It is something of a spur of the moment decision and we are so excited to be expecting them. I can't tell the kids yet, because they aren't quite old enough to understand the week long delay before their grandparents arrive. I'm looking forward to sharing the news with them when the visit gets a little closer. We're going to plan several special outings I think and I can't wait. I hope the weather cooperates.

"Big" Decision I'm Considering

Ava refuses to let me put anything in her hair. No headbands. No bows. No hair bands. Nothing at all is tolerated. Her hair is getting longer (finally) and although I love the little hints of curl in the back, the front is in her eyes all the time. I can tell it is bothering her. She's constantly trying to sweep it out of her way. I wanted to wait until she had lots of hair before getting her first haircut, but it is in her eyes, and quite scraggly to be honest. I'm thinking of getting her first haircut. Somehow, it makes me a little sad. Odd, I know.

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