Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Story and Random Contemplation

It was raining as I dropped the children off at preschool yesterday morning. The dropoff at our school is a horseshoe and the entrance to the horseshoe is at the top of the hill so you can see the entire parking lot as you pull in. As I was pulling in, I saw the person in the spot closest to the door pulling out and thought to myself, "I actually got lucky!"

Now you have to understand that although I am very lucky in the big things in life (wondeful husband and children, home over our heads, food to eat, extended family to love us), I am not so lucky in the little things in life. I do not gamble because (as one of many reasons) it just isn't that much fun to spend three minutes putting $20 of quarters into a slot machine and then walk away. I'm never the person that wins the free soda when I take the cap off the promotional bottle. I never get the best prize in the scratch off in the mail. So, I was genuinely surprised and pleased that on a rainy day the closest spot to the front door magically opened up as I was pulling in.

Then I noticed that another car was leaving as well, so I slowed down to allow her lots of room to back up before I continued pulling around the horseshoe. Well, she backed up and instead of leaving, took the closest spot. There! Classic example of my luck. :-)


Sometimes, as I am waiting at a red light at a busy intersection watching a river of cars pass in front of me I find myself thinking about their passengers. I think about how every one of those cars has a person (or people) in it. Every one of those people has a life just as rich, complicated, and interconnected as mine. Every one of those people is essential to the people who love them. I think about the web of connections that spreads out from this exact geographical point. And I very genuinely wish all of them a safe journey.

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