Monday, June 27, 2011

How the "Mighty" Have Fallen

I was one of "those" new mothers. I so wanted to do everything perfectly. I exclusively breastfed Michael for six months. I stubbornly continued for those six months even though it was miserable due in part to what I now think was undiagnosed reflux (his, not mine). Then I did the homemade baby food from organic fruits and vegetables thing and refused to let my parents give him anything else when they babysat.

By the time Ava came along I now had a 15 month old toddler. Well, I still did the exclusive breastfeeding which went much better the second time around. Ava was diagnosed with reflux and was on medication for it so perhaps that plus a more experienced mama made the difference. I tried to do the homemade baby food thing again even though it was crazy with two babies so young, but Ava just refused to eat it. Sure, she ate a little, but she just didn't like baby food. She wanted to eat the toddler food she saw her brother eating and so we switched over pretty quickly.

Skip ahead to yesterday morning and you find me feeding Ava a cookie for breakfast as we rush out the door to make it to therapy on time. Sigh. Guess I couldn't keep it up forever. And you know what? Now I realize that the cookie won't ruin her for life. Let her enjoy a cookie once and a while. Even for breakfast.

I suppose having a third baby just so that I can feed him or her cookies sooner is not an appropriate response to this epiphany.


  1. hehe-you sound exactly like me. Except I am still "that" mother 'cause I am only on my first child :) He just turned one and I am still nursing and he's getting maybe 90% organic food. My family thinks I'm nuts. :)

  2. I stopped nursing my first at six months because he simply did better with pumped milk from a bottle (the reflux I think). It took a long time to completely wean Ava. I think we went before nap and bedtime until 18 months or so. It's hard to remember exactly.

    I'm pretty sure my family thought I was a little nuts too. :-)


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