Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Home Therapy Plan - Rough Draft

Here's my first attempt (this time around) at structuring therapy sessions here at home.

  1. I made Ava a speech bag to store her speech materials in. Since we're really fancy around here, her bag is a ziploc decorated with stickers.
  2. I printed some very nice articulation cards I found at mommyspeechtherapy.com. I cut those out, paperclipped the different targets, and stuck them in the bag. Note: I printed these on cardstock at high quality to make the cards more durable and prettier.
  3. I found a site with some free printable reward charts and printed a butterfly one for Ava.

Now, my original idea was that Ava and I would sit down together and my charisma and enthusiasm would result in her wanting to practice speech sounds with me in exchange for the pleasure of putting stickers on the chart after each set of cards.


After that complete failure, I offered her two froot loops of her choice after doing each stack of cards. ("Two pink mommy." Hmm... what will we do when we run out of red froot loops?) That worked much better. We ended up with only one sticker on the chart. So I stuck the chart up on the wall and now we'll put a sticker up on the chart after each session.

My goal is to try to get in four or five 10-20 minute sessions per week. We'll see how it goes.

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