Monday, June 13, 2011

Free Speech Therapy Articulation Picture Cards: Final N

This version is out of date. Go here for new, easy to download, version and additional sets.

There are a lot of articulation cards available for working on just about any sound for your child. There are many commercial sets that you can buy and there are many that you can find for free online. I've done both. I was frustrated that most of those sets did not meet our needs very well.

When you are working with a young child who has Childhood Apraxia of Speech you need the words to be relatively simple in structure. Many of the lists were half full of two and three syllable words that are way too complicated for a young apraxic child to imitate. Also, children with apraxia need to practice their target sound paired with as many vowels as possible, and most sets are not designed with that goal in mind. Also, if you are working with a toddler, the words need to be relatively easily understood concepts for a young child. A word like "beg" is harder to understand and make a picture for than a word like "bed."

I have complied a set of 40 one-syllable words that I feel are easily understood or taught to a young child and I have made picture cards for them. I also have written out some directions for making the cards and some ideas for activities to do with the cards. You are welcome to download the pictures for use with your child. I will be posting sets as I complete them.

For an easy to print version, download a .pdf of the four-page One-Syllable Final N Articulation Picture Cards file.

This is an old version of the card set. You can find the new version and additional sets in an easy to download format here: Free Speech Therapy Articulation Cards

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  1. I cannot download this from any of the links you have posted, but I love it and would like a copy to use with clients!


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