Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Weekly Review: Week Nine

Well, I completely forgot to post my weekly review yesterday, so here it is one day late.

Blog Post I Thoroughly Enjoyed:

Linda at All & Sundry shared a quote by an author that I am completely unfamiliar with from a book that I've never heard of. Nevertheless I thought the quote was a very accurate description of early motherhood. Check it out here.

Sibling Moment of the Week:

I loved watching Ava sit on the sidelines cheering Michael on as he went down the makeshift water slide we created using the hose and the slide on our playset. Even though she didn't want to slide herself, she loved watching Michael go down and clapped and cheered every time he hit bottom.

Quote of the Week from Michael:

Michael says to me "I love you the mostest of everyone."

Ava's Quote of the Week:

"More on back Dada!" when asking her Daddy for yet another piggyback ride.

Incomplete Project of the Week:

Remember when I shared my idea for an alphabet border with you about six weeks ago? At the time I had finished A, B, and C. Well, so far I have only completed two additional letters: D and F. Yes, I have only done two more in six weeks. And even then I skipped E because I haven't figured out how to make an eagle yet. But my D and F are beautiful and I will eventually finish the project. Really!

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