Monday, May 23, 2011

NutriiVeda vs NutriiVeda Achieve Comparison

Our first shipment of NutriiVeda Achieve arrived. As expected the product now comes packaged in a resealable 30-serving foil pouch rather than in two 15-serving canisters. The flavor is now French Vanilla rather than Vanilla. Here is a chart highlighting the main nutritional differences between the old NutriiVeda formula and the new NutriiVeda Achieve formula.

The differences I see as most significant, nutritionally are the reduced sugar, added fiber, and added sodium. Although interesting, the added Omegas are not super significant for me because they come from plant sources rather than fish sources making them less appropriate as a supplement for apraxia. Also the dosage is less than generally recommended as a therapeutic dose.

I tried it myself. I do believe that the new NutriiVeda Achieve formulation results in a creamier "shake" (mixed with skim milk) than the original formula. I also think that the new formulation is a little more subtle than the old one. To be honest, I personally disliked the old one. I'm not in love with the new one, but I dislike it less. I found the old one difficult to mix into milk without ending up with lots of big clumps. The new one has the same problem.

The original NutriiVeda mixed beautifully into yogurt. It almost disappeared in terms of texture. If anything, it seemed to make the yogurt a little bit thinner. The new NutriiVeda Achieve seems to mix into the yogurt and give it a creamier, thicker, fluffier texture a little like a mousse.

When I gave it to the kids (occasionally I feed the mix to both kids - it's just simpler that way) Michael immediately noticed the change. He said, "This is a new yogurt. It tastes different. It tastes salty." Now, yes, the new NutriiVeda Achieve does have sodium while the old one did not, but you're also taking the word of a 3 1/2 year old that it tastes salty. I'm not sure he uses the term accurately. That might just be the only word he knows to describe a change in taste. On the other hand, they added sodium and removed over half the sugar content. It may actually taste saltier to him.

He continued to comment on the change as he consumed the bowl. He ate it, but I'm not sure he liked it. Ava ate hers and did not comment on the difference. We've only had one serving so far. I'll let you know if the difference in taste (or texture?) becomes a problem.

Bottom Line The new NutriiVeda Achieve is significantly different in taste and texture from the old NutriiVeda formula. I like the concept of increased fiber and reduced sugar, but I also need Ava to eat it. We'll see if she continues to eat the new formula. I'm not super fond of the increase in sodium. My opinion of the added Omega 3 and Omega 6 from plant sources is neutral.

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  1. Actually the key difference is the amino acid profile which in regards to apraxia and other CNS conditions which is well documented to be significant. As a parent myself -taste means little- I want what works. NV original is in preclinical research due to the success. The proof is in the pudding -if that pudding is made of or contains NV original.


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