Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NutriiVeda Achieve - Reformulation of NutriiVeda

NutriiVeda has been reformulated. The claim is that it is richer and smoother with better flavor. They are now calling the flavors French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate instead of Vanilla and Chocolate. They have also changed the packaging. Now it will come in a single 30-serving resealable pouch rather than the two 15-serving canisters.

I cannot find much information on the specifics of the reformulation. So far the company has not released the new nutrition panel. The website looks exactly the same to me except that they have changed the pictures to show the new packaging rather than the old packaging. I should get my first shipment of the new formula by the end of next week. I'll let you know more then.

We have been using the original NutriiVeda for about 5 weeks now. Originally Ava was getting about one scoop a day. We're now using closer to one and a half to two scoops per day. I continue to see improvement in Ava's speech. She is continuing to talk more frequently. She's using longer sentences and trying to string several sentences together to tell a single story. All of that is new. It is possible that she would be making these same improvements without the NutriiVeda, there is no way to tell. It certainly isn't hurting though. As always, I also take comfort in the nutritional boost that the NutriiVeda provides for my picky eater too.

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  1. Heard today that formula change was the source of Omega 3, now from linseed. Also source of protein comes now mainly from peas, which should make taste smoother.


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