Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Apraxia Therapy Materials: Doodle Buddy iPhone / iPad App

Doodle Buddy is another iPhone / iPad app that can be a wonderful way to elicit speech or sound effects from your child. The program is free, but is overrun with really obtrusive ads. You can choose to pay $0.99 to remove the ads from the application.

This program does many things all of which can be used as a therapy activity.

  • It is a drawing program. (Please don't laugh at my lack of artistic skills.) You can draw things for your child to label. Alternately, you can follow their instructions and draw what they tell you to. If they say "car," you do your best to draw one.

  • The program has "stamps". There are tons of little pictures that your child can transfer to the screen just by choosing the one they want and then tapping as many times as they like. Even better, each stamp has a sound effect. So the frog croaks, the crying face cries, the dog barks, and so on. Your child can label the stamp or imitate the sound effect. Even if they are non-verbal and using signs, you can wait until they make the sign for "more" before you let them put more stamps on the page. Here is a sampling of the stamps available. There are many more than would fit on one page.

  • There are backgrounds and themed stamps to go along with them. Some come with the program. Some you have to "buy" with points. If you are willing to install a few free programs on your machine you can get more points for free to get additional themes.

    So you pull up a background. Backgrounds (themes) include dinosaurs, cars, beach, farmyard, lake, princess, space, underwater, winter, spooky house, doghouse in backyard, desert, and more. You make up a story about the picture adding stamps as you go along. You get your child to repeat words that are part of the story. Here are some examples.

    Farm: Mama chicken was at the farm today. (insert chicken, have child say, "chicken"). She had three baby chicks with her. (insert three baby chicks counting, "one, two, three") They were lonely! They wanted to play with some friends. (toss in a couple of sheep and practice saying, "baa") I could continue, but you get the idea.

    Here are examples of the lake and princess themes as well.

  • My kids particularly enjoy the haunted house theme, the cars theme, and the farm theme. I'm sure your kids will have their favorites too. Really, the possibilities for using this program as a therapy tool are only limited by your imagination. (I make up really boring stories when put on the spot, but the kids don't seem to care. I get lots of speech and vocabulary practice in and that is all that really matters.)

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  1. I downloaded your pictures for Therapy and took pictures of them on my iPad.
    While reading your ideas for therapy with doodle buddy, I proceeded to open that app. Using ' the add your own images' feature, I added one of your picture sets......I think this may be another novel way to get speech practice in.


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