Friday, April 22, 2011

The Weekly Review: Week Six

Blog Post I Liked Most:

Linda at All & Sundry took a picture every day for a month. I liked her pictures and I admire the commitment. No matter how hard I try, and even though my phone is always with me (therefore a camera is always handy), I never take as many pictures as I'd like.

Quote of the Week from Michael:

At dinner, my husband asked Michael where he got the toy bird he was playing with. Michael though for a minute obviously searching for a word he could not remember. Then he asked, "What's that place with the big M?" He was trying to remember McDonald's. We went there with some friends, had happy meals, and played in their playplace for almost an hour. It was the first time we'd gone to McDonald's in a long time and so he couldn't remember the name.

Ava's Mini-Fit of the Week:

I was getting Ava from her bedroom in the morning and my husband popped in to say good morning to her on his way to Michael's room. Ava started crying, "No Dada!" and shaking her head so vigorously that she lost her balance and slammed her head against her headboard. Sigh. When will this mommy stage pass? It seems to be rooted in the routines because although she didn't want to go downstairs with Daddy, she was perfectly happy to accept the homemade mini muffins he had made her for breakfast.

Project of the Week:

I'm continuing to work on revising the apraxia reference posts and collecting them in one place once they've been revised. It's taking up most of my spare time and so no new projects have been undertaken. This is where you can find the ones I've finished so far.

Book of the Week:

I don't get to read for pleasure very often these days. Life is simply too busy. However, I did read the newest book in one of my favorite series. Patricia Briggs has never disappointed me and this book is no exception even though it is the sixth in a series. I very much enjoyed River Marked which I read on the Kindle app on my iPhone. I love reading books in electronic form, by the way. I always have a book with me. I can carry many books at a time. Reading in dim light is never a problem. The ebook version is almost always less expensive than the paper version. I've been reading ebooks for well over a decade now. I started on a Palm and have continued ever since.

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  1. Sounds like trouble with transitions (mini fit). I was suspicious of possible sensory due to your previous post regarding contrary, controlling behavior. Sounds just like my little one in both posts. Wish I had a solution to offer.


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