Friday, April 29, 2011

The Weekly Review: Week Seven

Blog Post I Agree With Most:

Swistle apparently encountered the same ad on Amazon that I did. She took the time to write a post about it. I looked at it for about half a second, decided that it kind of freaked me out and moved on. Swistle does a nice job of explaining why the picture is so freaky. You wouldn't think a woman in a swimsuit would elicit this kind of reaction.

Sibling Interaction of the Week:

I had my arms around Michael as he sobbed because he had gotten hurt. I hadn't quite figured out what was hurt yet, he hadn't calmed down enough to tell me. I just knew it involved falling from the playset in the basement. Ava ran over and wrapped her arms around him too. The kiss she delivered next was really sweet. (Small scrape on the temple, btw - nothing that won't heal up in a day or two.)

Quote of the Week from Michael:

"The Easter Bunny is so nice!"

Ava's Sweet (annoying?) Habit of the Week:

Every time Ava wakes up she now insists on bringing her baby kitty and water cup downstairs. Sometimes we also need to bring mama kitty and her blanket too. It's adorable, but trying to balance Ava along with all of the extras on the way down the stairs is a bit of a challenge. And then you have to remember to bring them back up. Otherwise, she inevitably realizes they're missing after you've read stories, sung the songs, kissed her head, and turned off her light.

Success of the Week:

Weeks ago I started trying to figure out how to get some money from an old 403B I had from when I was working in the schools (Institution A) rolled over into an IRA (Institution B). Oh my goodness they wanted me to jump through some serious hoops. First, the form was a nightmare and asked for information that was extremely difficult to find. Then, instead of doing the logical thing and sending their stupid form back to them, I first had to send it to Institution B to get their approval. Then, Institution B needed to send the form back to Institution A. Then, if all went well, Institution A would finally send the check to Institution B.

Really, what century is this? Shouldn't I just be able to make a request for an electronic transfer that will be complete in three days? Anyway, I jumped through all their hoops and the transfer is finally complete. Yea! Now, I just need to make sure that Institution A actually closed my account. If not, I'm sure they'll go ahead and charge me their $20 annual fee even though I no longer have any money with them. They're nice like that.

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