Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nutriiveda – First Thoughts and Impressions (and a little extra information)

Ok. First item of business. They are a little sneaky. Not a lot sneaky, but a little. Let me explain. Apparently, when you order your $80.00, 2 can package you are actually approving an autoship program. They do make that very clear in their confirmation email, but a lot of people don’t read those confirmation emails. So, if you do nothing, they will continue to charge your credit card and send you another shipment each month. They include the number to call to change that right in their email though so the issue is easy to fix. I just figured I’d give you fair warning.

Second small issue. The checkout process told me there would be a $7.95 shipping and handling fee. Ok. I was expecting that. It did not warn me that my state was one of the states where they also need to charge tax. So my total was $95.14 instead of the $87.95 I was expecting.

You receive two cans that have 15, 2-scoop servings each. The serving they recommend therapeutically for children is 2 scoops a day, so you’re talking a 30 day supply. That’s essentially an extra $100 dollars a month. This is not an inexpensive experiment by any means.

I did call their number. They answered with no wait and the person I spoke with was polite and helpful. She explained where the extra charge came from (taxes) and told me that if I wanted to postpone a shipment (or cancel the autoship entirely) I just needed to call at least three days before my scheduled ship date. I decided not to postpone just yet. I want to see how things go over the next three weeks or so. If I want to continue, and we’re successful at getting 2 scoops into Ava per day we’d need a monthly supply.

They also have a rewards program. They give you 10% of your product order in “Loyalty Rewards Dollars”. So for each shipment you earn 8 reward dollars. When you have enough to cover an entire order you can redeem them for a “free” product. So, essentially, it’s buy 10 and get the next one free (not counting shipping and tax). You only earn the rewards if you stay enrolled in the autoship program. So, it isn’t exactly an overwhelming deal, but if you do end up deciding you want to try it long term, there’s a bonus coming down the line. Oh, and you have to call to redeem them. They won’t do it automatically.

So, the product is nicely packaged and arrived promptly. I ordered it at 9pm on the 27th and it arrived in the mail on the 31st. They recommend you start with one scoop a day and work your way up to two. I was mixing up Ava’s yogurt/Omega-3 supplement nightly “treat” anyway, so I thought I’d just mix it in. After opening the container and looking at the size of the scoop I actually only added about 1/3 scoop to the yogurt (about half a container of yogurt). It took a couple of minutes of stirring before I felt like it had blended well. It takes some time for the mix to actually dissolve. She ate it just like she normally does. I couldn’t tell that she even noticed it was different. Michael actually had some mixed into his yogurt as well and didn’t seem to notice.

The next morning I mixed in half a scoop with about 4 ounces of yogurt and again, Ava didn’t seem to notice. So getting it into her doesn’t seem like it will be a problem. At least not when mixed in at those ratios. Ava only has yogurt twice a day though and I haven’t tried mixing a whole scoop in yet. I’m not sure that it would still be unnoticeable at that amount. We’ll see.

Now I just have to wait and see if I feel like it’s making a $100/month difference for her. We’ll see.

As an aside, I tried it myself. I mixed two scoops in to about 11 ounces of non-fat milk. This is the recommended amount for an adult meal replacement shake. Now, admittedly, I’m a picky eater. Truly. I am. But I only managed to drink about half of it and poured the rest down the sink. I didn’t like it. I wanted to. I really did. But, at least in milk, I felt it had a really chalky aftertaste. If I can think of something else to mix it with perhaps I’ll try it again. (I don’t like yogurt, so that’s out.) So that was my opinion. Then again, for our purposes, my opinion doesn’t matter. Ava needs to eat it and she will when it is mixed into yogurt.

Bottom Line(s):
Ava ate it without noticing when mixed in with yogurt. She’ll even eat both the Omega-3 supplement and the Nutriiveda supplement mixed in at the same time.

Their shipping is prompt and their customer service is polite and helpful.

Remember to cancel the autoship if you don't want it.

I personally think it tastes awful. (We’re using vanilla.)

Time will tell about whether it seems to help therapeutically for us.

Oh, and as a bonus, I found a more detailed web page testimonial on Nutriiveda for Apraxia.


  1. Hi! I am so glad I found your blog. You have given me so many great ideas that I have started using with my 3yr son. Question: what website did you order the Nutriiveda from?

    I tried to order via telephone from the website,, and talked to a customer service rep who was not knowledgeable about the product at all. My experience with her gave me second thoughts about ordering. I wish I had a nice, courteous customer rep. as you did. Please let me know where you ordered from. Thanks!

  2. Welcome Colleen! Thanks for the compliment on my blog and good luck with your son.

    I ordered NutriiVeda here:

    As for customer service, the number I've been using is 1-866-349-9911. I've called 3-4 times now and they have always been very helpful.

  3. Hi again! Thanks for the information. I will give that website a try.

  4. Good luck with the NutriiVeda. I hope it works for you.

  5. Can you give us an update on the results you have had with NutriiVeda? Are you still using it or not? Did you notice any changes?


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