Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a wonderful Easter. I hope you had a great day too.

The morning began with the children discovering their Easter baskets. They enjoyed the candy and small toys included in their baskets. I had found some small pinwheels and included one in each basket. I didn't really think about it at the time, but they are a great oral motor activity. Ava had a lot of trouble getting her pinwheel to spin, but didn't give up. Of course there's always that one item that is more popular than all the rest. The kids loved the M&M filled gumball machines. They were the first things the children spotted and it was hard to get them to put the gumball machines down long enough to even look at the Easter baskets.

Mid-morning my parents arrived and the entire family participated in dyeing and decorating Easter eggs. Everyone had fun. We began by dyeing them and just as Michael was getting bored with the activity the first set were dry. He loved decorating them. We used the stickers in the egg dying kit and when those ran out I pulled out some art materials and glue and we used those too.

A couple eggs were cracked and therefore the children got to try hard-boiled eggs for the first time. I don't like hard-boiled eggs and never make them. So my kids had never tried them. My parents like them though and were able to set a good example. Michael refused to try a bite at first, but he'll do anything for his grandpa and eventually tried some. He eventually took a few bites of the white, but never tried the yolk. Ava finally decided she'd try a bite after feeling left out of all the attention Michael was getting. She spit the bite back out without even chewing it. I think she was startled that it was cold and didn't like the texture at all. I was pretty impressed she took a bite at all and praised her for trying it.

After lunch (breakfast for lunch - yummy) we were invited to a neighbor's house for an Easter egg hunt. The rain forced the hunt inside. This was the first year the children were old enough to really participate in an Easter egg hunt. Michael loved it. His bag was full at the end of the hunt and he thoroughly enjoyed discovering what was inside the eggs. Ava seemed a bit confused by it all, and entertained the adults by refusing to put any egg in her bag that wasn't pink. If she found a egg of any other color she'd toss it to the floor and practically run away. I slipped a purple one in her bag thinking it was close enough, but when she found it the purple one got tossed too. The other children were wonderful and began bringing all their pink finds to her for her bag.

It was a great family day and we all had a wonderful time.

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