Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our house = Plague ground zero

So, as I discussed, Michael had some kind of stomach bug last week. It hit him last Friday night to be exact. I didn’t mention it at the time, but my husband and I came down with it Sunday night. We thought Ava had escaped because she was at her my parents’ house Friday night. They even kept her Saturday night too to try to protect her. I didn’t know I was sick yet on Sunday so we had therapy with Ms. J that morning and our playdate. I found out later that Sara got sick this past week. Then Ava got sick anyway Monday night. So far, this bug had proven to be extremely contagious. But at that point we thought we were clear. No one had been sick since Monday night.

Thursday my mom had the day off so she spent the morning with us. The other set of grandparents were coming in to town this past weekend to celebrate Ava’s birthday with us. The party was planned for Saturday morning. Ava spent Saturday night at my parents’ house again so we could decorate. Saturday morning early my parents called asking us to come get her. My mom had the bug. My parents were going to have to miss the party. Mom had to have picked it up at our house Thursday morning even though no one was sick any longer.

So if you’re counting we now have infected all four of us, a playdate friend, and my mother. Victims = 6. We did warn my husband’s parents. But they had driven 8 hours to spend some time with us so they came. It was wonderful. We had a delightful party. The children and the grandparents played beautifully together. We spent all day Saturday and Sunday together. We had plans to go to a children’s museum together Monday. Nope. Both of my husband’s parents got sick last night. My dad got sick too. Now we’re up to 9 victims. Seriously, this thing has a 100% infection rate.

Everyone else had a terrible 5-8 hours and then several days of low appetite/energy. My mom, on the other hand, is now in the hospital. In an isolation room. She’s not getting better. Three days in her symptoms are still severe. I feel terrible. I’m worried.

So, due to a bug that passed through our household last weekend and we thought had passed, we managed to put my mother in the hospital and infect three other grandparents as well. Two of those grandparents drove 8 hours for the privilege. Not our most successful weekend ever.

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