Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Look what I made!

First let me say that I am not, by nature, an artistic person.  People who are genuinely creative are mystical beings who are worthy of my admiration.  However, about a year ago I decided to buy a sewing machine.  I didn’t know how to use one.  I bought it almost on a whim.  It’s shocking what curtains cost, really.  I bought a beginner’s sewing book and did little projects like making a pincushion and a sewing machine cover.  My first major project was the curtains for Ava’s room.  I was quite pleased with myself actually given that I hadn’t touched a sewing machine since one small unit in high school home economics.  I don’t make particularly beautiful things, but I like the idea of making practical ones.  Here are my curtains (see picture – I made the curtains, not the valance).

Not so long ago we converted Ava’s crib to its toddler bed form.  She was ready.  We did it spontaneously though, so I hadn’t bought any “big girl” bedding.  We still made it up just like her crib with her crib sheets.  She sleeps in it holding her stuffed kitties and covered by one of her baby blankets.  A couple of days ago I decided I’d try to sew a pillow for her.

I dug around in the box of old baby clothes and found a couple of old baby dresses.  I cut them up for the material.  I shredded all the scraps that were left over and a bunch of other scraps left over from other projects for filling.  The scraps are mostly fleece so the stuffing is really soft and fluffy.  I serged the edges of the material together leaving a small gap so that it could be filled.  I turned it inside out, filled it with the cut up scraps of material using a funnel, and hand sewed the gap closed.  Voila – pillow.  Ava loves it!  I finished it just in time for nap.  She grabbed it from my hands and ran upstairs to her room to put it in her bed.  She wouldn’t leave the bed to get dressed.  I had to put her pull-up and pajama bottoms on her in the bed and she didn’t want her usual books and songs.  She just went right to sleep that day.  It was adorable. 

Then I made a second one so that when one set of bedding is in the wash she can use the other one.  I added a border to this one so it looks slightly more fancy than the first one.  The first one is the pink one.  The second one is the purple one.  Ava, of course, won’t touch the second one because it is purple and not pink.  She’s recently decided pink is her favorite color.  And it’s icing on the cake that I did the entire project from stuff I had lying around the house and so it didn’t cost a penny. 

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