Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Toddler Personal Ad

Playmate wanted – St. Louis, MO area. Approximately 2 years of age. Preferably female, but will consider males. Serious inquires only. :-)

Ok. So a toddler personal ad is ridiculous, but I really do need to find Ava a playmate. Ava’s starting to show an interest in playing with others. When a friend comes over to play with Michael she follows the two of them around. We were at the park recently and she was fascinated with a three year old little girl who was playing nearby, but unfortunately that little girl didn’t want to play with a “baby” and Ava didn’t even have the language to try to engage her. The signs are there that this would be the perfect time to find a friend (preferably female) for her to play with regularly. But I don’t know anyone with a little girl. Our neighborhood is full of rough and tumble boys. Seriously. I can think of 7 boys under the age of five on our street. But no girls.

Ava does go to daycare two mornings a week and her class is full of children her age, but I never really run in to any other parents. Is it ok to ask the teacher if Ava has one or two children that she gets along with the most and put a note in the box of the children asking the parents if they’d be interested in a playdate? It seems… weird. And a little desperate. I hate to come off as weird and desperate.

Does anyone have an opinion on that idea? Or have any other ideas? I’m completely open to suggestions.


  1. That is exactly why we put our son into daycare three mornings a week. He may not have the words, but he can sure communicate through play! He absolutely adores school.

    Good luck finding Ava some playmates.

  2. Yes for sure ask the teacher who your child enjoys or even who would be a compatiable playmate. In the summer I bring my son to the local playground next to the preschool because I know when they have play time. It is an easy way to socialize if you don't have a play pal available. Good luck.

  3. So you guys really don't think it would be strange to ask the teacher about a good match and then put some sort of note in the child's box? I suppose if the parent thinks it is strange they'll just ignore me.

    The problem with the playground is that Michael is there with us and somehow the play always ends up being all about the older kids. I need someone just for her. And then I have to figure out how to keep him away while they play.

    Thanks for the opinions!

  4. I think you might find that there are other parents who might just be thankful because they are looking for someone to play with too.


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